Monday, January 09, 2017

A relationship in progress

They met on a dating site. He's 36 and she's 33. He was a paying member whereas she has just a standard one. She initiated the messaging. She digs chubby guys with chubby cheeks. It was her lucky day.

He finds her cute, smart & dork. He likes the fact that she's a career woman. Though she tries to be the domesticated type doing all the chores at her parents' place during the holiday season to the point of collecting all kinds of burns and burnt dishes because of cooking (the chore she HATES most), he prefers her bossy, dominant, independent and no-nonsense self.

Little did she know that they were on the same field of profession (legal), though he left the legal practice years ago to become a General Manager of Hotel in Montana. He realized he prefers the hospital than the legal industry.

Before they started talking, he met two Filipina women on that site. Filipina No.1 was pretending to be single, though married to a European guy. When he found out that she's married, they stopped communicating. Filipina No. 2 is 16 years younger than him (he's not into “young” ladies) who prefers black guys (words of Filipina No. 2) who have six-figure salaries, luxurious houses and cars. Filipina No. 2 made him run away. Then, came Filipina No. 3. Single, never been married, no kids, haven't tried smoking, drinking nor taking drugs, no tattoos, frugal, not a party animal. Just like him, she was financially independent and secure. After few days of talking, he deactivated his platinum membership on that site. She asked why? He said, “I already found YOU.” True enough, he never went back to the site because she checks his account from time to time.

They chat on skype on a daily basis and skype video chat once a week. After months of talking, he finally asked her for a date during one of their skype video chats. The guy already booked tickets and will be visiting the Philippines in 2017. She was so happy. It was her first time to be asked for a date (though virtually). No one attempted to ask her even her previous relationships. She liked the fact that he still asked him. She said “yes.”

Sometimes, she gets jealous of Filipina No. 2 because the latter can dance, sing, and looks like she's fun to be with. She told him about what she feels. He assured her that there's no reason to be jealous. He said, “She is a gold digger who is looking for a rich guy on the site. In fact, she's pushing me to get back to legal practice again. She prefers me in the legal practice than in the hospital industry”

Though he wants a lady who is fun to be with, he's pretty sure that, that funny side of her is yet to be unleashed once they are together. He'll wait. He's writing a book. It's a sci-fi. He used her name for one of the characters, who has a personality similar to hers. Again, that made her happy. At times, they chat on google doc while he writes his book.

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