Monday, October 03, 2016

I'd say online acquaintances

So it all started with my responses to previous discussions. Yes, I said, I'm not here for money. Likewise, I mentioned that I'm not here to gain friends. I'm here to improve my writing skills through interaction.

We do have classmates for decades, and even siblings who know our secrets and all, yet, they are not even our friends. Every now and then a client approaches me and relays his/her problems and I give advice in return but I don't consider that relationship as friendship. We encounter people who share their lives, yet, there is no friendship bond between the speaker and the listener. We interact with our colleagues at work, classmates in school, yet, it does not follow that they are our friends. We see and hear people who call or write to relationship gurus asking for advice but that does not mean they are friends.

Having mentioned those premises, I don't equate online interaction with friendship because the latter is a relationship that has deeper meaning for me, something that can't be developed in a month's time given the virtual set-up. (This is just my opinion)

Next issue.

Does that mean I don't give genuine responses since I don't consider the interaction as friendship? NO. What you see is what you get. Often, you won't like my responses. I don't care if I would be the only myLotter with a different response but you can expect it to be a genuine reply.

Now, for people who treat me as their friend. Thank you. I don't treat you as enemies. Online acquaintances, that is.

If this post of mine will lead to people blocking me or not interacting with me, I don't mind because I'm not after the earnings. Will I hate you, NO. Will I block you? NO. I don't block people.

Be it a follower or not, I will respond to your discussions as long as I have something to say. In fact, I even respond to discussions of people whom I reported for plagiarism. Do I expect you to respond to my discussions? NO. I won't take that against you. I interact with almost every mylotter without expecting anything in return. I know some people are here for the bonus and the best help I could give is to stay active and respond to their discussions. This is how I interact with online acquaintances.

Pardon the lengthy post.

I rest my case.

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