Sunday, June 19, 2016

Can someone independently support himself with just remote jobs?

HE said, “It is really admirable how you are able to support yourself and earn a living by working independently like that. I would love to one day have a job or skill set that would allow me to be independent and not have to do shift work or have a boss to answer to. That is my career dream.”

So, is it really possible to survive independently with just doing remote jobs? The answer is YES.

I've been doing remote jobs since October 2015. I have no other source of income aside from my remote jobs.

First, I live way, way below my means. I only spend on needs (food, rental, internet bill, and toiletries only). I don't go out. The only instances I go out is when I need to buy food/groceries and when I go to my home office to work, which is just a walking distance from my dormitory. Also, I only spend less than 2 dollars for all of my meals for the entire day.

Second, I don't own/maintain/buy a car, credit cards, gadgets or any hobby/habit/thing that is expensive. So basically, I don't have debts and I have no plans of incurring any liability. Likewise, I don't have dependents.

Third, I do all my remote jobs simultaneously from Monday to Sunday. Once a contract is done, I make sure that I get another one. Likewise, I always maintain 2 or three clients paying me on an hourly basis. I'm lucky that there was never a day I ran out of a remote job since the day I started (October 26).

Fourth, whenever payment enters my bank account, 95% goes to my savings. 5% is allotted for my needs (food, rental, internet bill and toiletries only)

By the time I'm able to build my own empire, I'll still stick with the four things I mentioned above. Nothing is permanent so it pays to be financially prepared

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