Monday, May 09, 2016

Coffee Talk with my Parents About my Crush

Day 1 of my Vacation

I started the day with coffee and breakfast with parents. The helper went home because of the long weekend/holidays so I basically did all the chores for the whole day except for cooking.

I also relayed my plan to my parents. They're happy about my plan of taking post graduate studies and that I will be enrolling on 1st of April. My parents wanted to pay for my tuition but I said, “Big girls pay their bills and tuition fee.” I don't take freebies from my parents since I started working, call it pride, but I prefer them enjoying their money than giving it to me.

I also told them about my crush. This was the best part of the day. I felt like I was a teenager relaying to them the reasons why I like my crush, about myLot, etc. They even asked if my crush knows that I like him. I said, “yes” and everybody knows that I like him. They asked me why can't I be discreet. I answered,"I can't control it anymore and I love being honest."

We didn't go out, which is fine with me because I only brought pairs of PJs with me.

Do you still tell your parents about your crush?

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