Sunday, April 24, 2016

She only wanted a love letter

He always knew that she's the most frugal person in the entire planet and that they would fight if he'll spend on a thing not considered a necessity. One of the things he loved about her, aside from the facts that she's not after his money, marriage or visa. He knows that she's capable of buying anything she needs because she's financially independent.

But he wants to give her something for New Year. Given the personality of the girl, he just asked what she wants for New Year. She said love letter. She never received a love letter from anyone. Again, the guy's feelings for the girl got deeper.

He wrote a love letter on New Year's Eve while at work. When the letter reached the girl's place, she kept on crying and held the love letter like a precious cargo.

She kept it and read it every time she misses him.

Would you prefer receiving love letters than any gift of value from your significant other?

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