Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Both are beyond happy

It was an online long distance relationship. During their first month, they fought on a daily basis. Both are stubborn introverts. After 30 days, she broke up with him by sending him an email attaching a 2-page breakup letter. He sent his response attaching a same length answer to the breakup letter. The guy still wanted them to be friends no matter what. She said yes. Though they talked 4 times since the breakup, all were plainly on a professional level lasting for 5 minutes.

She kept on stalking him. He likewise did the same. Both focused on their respective works. But in truth and in fact, they used the work to keep them from getting lonely, sad and frustrated. With the breakup, both learned a lot of lessons on how to accept one's quirks.

After 3 months, they finally had a long serious talk. They finally saw each other again in skype and cried. They missed each other. They never stopped loving, caring and thinking of each other. No one ventured out into the dating scene. It was not difficult for both of them to reconcile because the reason for the breakup has nothing to do with cheating. They are just both stubborn individuals.

Now, they are both together again though not physically together. There are no more rules. They'll just go with the flow. Rules made their one- month relationship in the past a hell. Now, they're changing the rules to no more rules. The guy told the girl that he's getting a tattoo. The girl said it's fine with her.

Also, there are plans to meet and more.

I hope these two people will still end up together though they are both introverts and they met each other through a dating site.

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