Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The Mysterious Benedict Society Book Review

The Mysterious Benedict Society is an engaging series written by Trenton Lee Stewart about four remarkable children namely, Reynie, Stickie, Kate, and Constance who are into some kind of mission where they could utilize their unique talents. These four amazing children were recruited by Mr. Benedict because of their exceptional abilities.

Why would I recommend this entertaining book?
  1. The logical puzzles, codes, riddles, and mysteries presented throughout the series make readers think of solutions just like what the characters did. The events are good mental exercises that would test one's problem-solving skills.
  2. You will feel nostalgic with respect to the writing style of the author. It is a fun and smart read filled with excellent characters and wonderful illustrations.
  3. It has moral lessons. It emphasizes the qualities of honesty, integrity, courage, strength, good sportsmanship, creativity, empathy, and teamwork. These are good qualities that need to be inculcated in young children.
  4. It makes one think outside of the box. A thought provoking one!
  5. Shows how to cultivate friendship and illustrates the importance of family and friends.
  6. Clever investigation and witty remarks between and among the characters.
  7. It has lots of dark and dry humor.
  8. Interesting twists with constant thrills and shrills
Definitely, this quirky, mystery-type book is highly recommended to parents of young children, those who are young at heart, and readers who enjoy puzzles and mysteries! Overall, it is child and family-friendly intended for all ages.

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