Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Stress-Free Tips on How to Pack up Christmas Decorations

1. Never throw the packaging of the decors. To keep the decor in good condition, return them to their original packaging. Before doing that, check for damaged ones.

2. Make use of old boxes and  crates. Use old boxes, unused egg crates (for the Christmas balls), storage bins if you misplaced or accidentally threw the original boxes of your decors. They make good storage boxes and bins for your ornaments.

3. Put labels on the containers. Write a list of the contents of each box then post it on top or side of the box. Before taking them to the storage room, check if each one is properly labeled. This way you will know exactly what to pick and where to get them come holiday season. You won't be searching the whole house just to check where you kept a specific decor.

4. Roll the lights.  To avoid tangling, use the core of a toilet paper. If you will be placing the lights inside a hard container, wrap the lights using a recycled paper to avoid breaking of bulbs. You could also keep them inside ziploc bags.

5. Keep all the boxes in one place.

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