Monday, January 04, 2016

How to Burn Calories

Getting a membership in a gym, buying diet pills or food low in calories/fats, going for surgery---all these have one thing in common, they are costly.

For those who want to burn excess calories the frugal way, you can try these:

Some of us hire people to assist us when we move. Doing the moving of furniture alone leads to lots of healthy benefits. Moving furniture, household items and carrying heavy boxes make you lose 340 calories.

Instead of using the elevator or escalator, you may opt to take the stairs instead. For every ten (10) upward steps, you burn one and a half calories.

If you mop your floor and stairs for an hour, you lose 170 calories. Add to that the one and a half calories that you will lose by taking the stairs.

I love doing manual laundry and it really helps me sweat a lot. For an hour of using a washer and dryer for laundry, one will burn roughly 156 calories – this includes putting the clothes inside the washer or dryer, folding them, hanging them and walking around while doing your laundry. After they have dried, iron the clothes and you will burn 88 calories.

For those with gardens, an hour of watering plants will help you burn 102 calories. Not only will this help you lose weight, you also get to help the plants grow and bear fruits.

Bathing our pet dogs in a standing position makes you burn 170 calories. When we feed them, we burn additional 102 calories.

Moms who carry their children or babies lose 34 calories in 15 minutes whereas if you sit and play with them, you burn 102 calories. Talking about quality time with the kids!

The list is endless. Sometimes we burn calories without us knowing it. No need for New Year's resolutions. You just need to be more active and before you know it, you're few kilograms or pounds to your ideal weight.

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