Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Former football player Gary Lineker and Model Danielle Bux end 6-year marriage

Recently, Millionaire Gary Lineker and Model Danielle Bux announced their divorce after six (6) years of marriage.

Based on the reports, the reason for the split was Bux's wanting to have children but Lineker feels too old to have more kids. Still, both tweeted that they want to remain best of friends.

Rumors started when Danielle Bux was seen without her wedding ring and reliable sources said that they have been living separately for a year now.

Danielle Bux has a teenage daughter from a previous marriage and wants another child with former partner Gary Lineker. Lineker, on the other hand, has 4 grown-up kids from his first marriage to Michelle Cockayne.

To save them from spending costly lawyer's fees, the former couple used a government website to formalize their split and came up with an arrangement favorable to both parties. They did not avail the services of the solicitors. They just filled out forms together that cost them around £400.

Middle-aged Millionaire Gary Lineker has a personal fortune of around £20 million.

They even spent Holidays together. This former celebrity couple made a good pair despite their big age gap. It's just that they have different views when it comes to having children.

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