Sunday, January 10, 2016

8 Reasons Why I Love Introverts

  1. They are able to think things clearly. This makes introverts more focused employees. With their better concentration, they get to complete any task in a short span of time. Because of their ability to focus, they could also absorb great amount of information at any single time.
  2. They are creative independent thinkers. Their imagination and creative ideas make them excellent workers in their respective fields.(They don't need collaboration/brain storming to come up with a great idea) Based on my research, most introverts are good writers.
  3. Because of their quiet peaceful nature, their landlords, neighbors and fellow tenants love them. (Who would love to have a neighbor who holds parties every night?)
  4. They are keen observers. Since they are more sensitive to others and aware of their surroundings, they make thoughtful and caring friends/lovers/colleagues.
  5. They are low-maintenance. Since they don't go out and are not surrounded by people, they don't spend much and are not pressured to spend for themselves or for others. This makes them wise savers and good investors.
  6. They are independent. They don't need to be around people. They know how to make themselves happy and still productive even when alone.
  7. They value relationships and establish good connections with them. This makes them loyal friends or partners. With few relationships, they also have few enemies, or none at all.
  8. They think before they talk and are less confrontational. This makes them good listeners as well.

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