Monday, January 04, 2016

40 Best Ways to Save More Money

  1. Commute. This will save you gas. Better, walk or use your bike whenever possible.
  2. Make use of your unlimited internet connection in watching your favorite shows rather than availing of cable subscription.
  3. Do your own laundry. Letting your clothes be washed and ironed outside will take time before you can get it since laundry shops have a number of customers to attend to. Also, if you do manual laundry, this will lessen your electric consumption, not to mention, it is a great way to burn calories.
  4. Manually wash dishes rather than using the dishwasher.
  5.  Turn off lights and appliances when not in use. Also, unplug them.
  6. Iron clothes during daytime. Doing them at nighttime will mean additional electric consumption since you will be turning on your lights. This also applies to other household chores that may be done during day time.
  7. Sell plastic bottles, papers, old magazines and newspapers, and boxes. This will not only help you earn money, it also helps in decluttering.
  8. Drink lots of water. Aside from the health benefits you get from drinking water instead of softdrinks, this will also make you feel full, thus keep you from buying food.
  9. Make use of your free apps when contacting friends rather than sending them texts/calling them.
  10. Make homemade meals instead of dining out.
  11. Prepare your list before making your grocery.
  12. Buy items in bulk. This includes necessities such as toiletries.
  13. Make use of coupons.
  14. Pay your bills on time to prevent them from accumulating interests or penalties.
  15. Pack food for work or school.
  16. Avoid buying things using one's credit card, especially if not needed. Use credit cards prudently.
  17. Grow your own vegetables and fruits at home.
  18. Recycle leftovers.
  19. Make your own coffee.
  20. Get rid of vices (smoking and drinking)
  21. Buy generic brands for items you use regularly.
  22. Do homebased jobs during your spare time rather than going to the malls.
  23. Check garage sales or thrifty shops for great finds. Limit it to things you need.
  24. Keep loose change.
  25. Paint your own nails.
  26. Trim your own bangs.
  27. Consider buying generic brands for prescribed drugs.
  28. Buy appliances that are energy-efficient.
  29. Hang clothes to dry. Using the dryer only adds to your electric consumption.
  30. Travel light and book tickets online to find best deals.
  31. Breast feed. Moms get to save a lot by breastfeeding their babies rather than buying canned milk.
  32. Cancel unnecessary memberships or subscriptions.
  33. Avoid buying pets. Sometimes, the food of the dogs, in addition to their other needs, cost more than a human's monetary consumption in a month.
  34. For employees, make use of your health cards.
  35. For senior citizens, make use of your Senior Citizen's ID to avail of discounts.
  36. Download free software.
  37. Cancel your home phone service (landline) and use your cellphone instead.
  38. Pay in cash. Payment on installment basis is subject to additional interest.
  39. Use ATMs of your own bank to avoid additional charges.
  40. Go for prepaid rather than phone plans.

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Anonymous said...

Very good advice! Common sense things that nearly everyone can apply to their daily lives.

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