Monday, January 18, 2016

23 Things Men Can Do To Make & Keep Their Pregnant Woman Happy

  1. Do not drink and smoke. Aside from its health effects, it's better to save the money for the coming baby.
  2. Treat her with loving care, like a baby.
  3. Paint her toenails.
  4. Massage her feet.
  5. Give her back rubs.
  6. Buy food items she wants and do it cheerfully for her.
  7. Be kind.
  8. Buy her a comfortable pillow.
  9. Have lots of patience. It's your job to fulfill her unrealistic demands.
  10. Give her your valuable time. Spend more time with her.
  11. Be there for her regular check-ups. She might not tell you to accompany her but wishes you take her to the doctor.
  12. Do the dishes and the laundry.
  13. Surprise her with flowers.
  14. Tell her how pretty she looks.
  15. Volunteer to do the ironing.
  16. Cook her favorite food.
  17. Do things together, like shopping baby's needs (clothes, crib), watching tv, etc.
  18. Do not irritate her. The keyword is pampering.
  19. Take out the trash.
  20. Take her for walks. This would be a good time to talk and make plans.
  21. Read pregnancy and child-rearing books so that you'll know what to do.
  22. Listen to her and sympathize with her aches and pains.
  23. Be supportive.

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