Tuesday, January 19, 2016

15 Ways To Stay Awake Without Caffeine

  1. Drink more water when you wake up. Stay hydrated. Hydrating yourself with water keeps you active.
  2. Have a good breakfast. This provides energy throughout the day and keeps you from getting sleepy.
  3. Try apple or tea.
  4. If your schedule allows you, take a power nap with a strong alarm.
  5. Follow your sleep cycle. Make it a habit to sleep at the same time everyday.
  6. Make yourself busy.
  7. Do some light exercises. Every hour, get up and take a short walk to re-energize. Do some stretching or jumping jacks.
  8. Take regular breaks. Wash your face.
  9. Sit upright and keep changing your stagnant sitting position. Stagnancy causes drowsiness as our body gets cozy and comfortable.
  10. Munch on something.
  11. Make sure you have bright lights.
  12. Don't overeat. Eating less can keep you awake.
  13. Get at least 8 hours of sleep.
  14. Keep your windows open. Cold air will keep you from getting sleepy.
  15. Avoid oily snacks and milk.

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