Thursday, January 14, 2016

12 Extraordinary Uses for Coffee Grounds

  1. Compost. They are valuable in gardening. Coffee grounds make  good compost if mixed in appropriate proportions with other organic materials, so if you can buy them, they can significantly improve any garden project. Experiment with them on your lawn and in other parts of the garden as well. For sure, your rose bushes would love them. Likewise, the deep color also looks great in your flower or shrub beds. 

  2. Scarecrow. Sprinkle them around your garden. It would definitely scare cats away from your plants.

  3. Insect repellant. Because of its strong odor, insects will stay away from your plants. 

  4. Nitrogen fertilizer or bio-fertilizer. Used coffee grounds contain lots of nitrogen, and plants feast off of that. In fact, using coffee grounds on your soil is healthier than fertilizer and prevents one less thing from going into a landfill. They add minerals, vitamins and nitrogen to the soil so that the vegetables are stockier and less prone to insect infestation In some countries, coffee residue or coffee waste (ground coffee powder after being brewed) is used for making bio-fertilizers. Make your garden/plants acquire your coffee habit too! 

  5. Deodorizer. Coffee grounds make a great refrigerator or freezer deodorizer. Right after your brew, put the grounds & filter on a container and place it inside your refrigerator or freezer. As it dries up, it works wonders absorbing any odor inside your refrigerator. After it dries, use the grounds for compost.You may also use it as deodorizer for baggy clothes, shoes, or better, place it inside your dresser. They would absorb bad smells.
  1. Skin exfoliant. It may be used on face.

  2. For use in artwork. You may use coffee grounds to dye paper or fabrics for craft projects.

  3. Bio-fuel. Coffee grounds are rich in oil. They may be converted into a biodiesel.

  4. Road fill. If you are into model railroads,  they make excellent and free basing material.

  5. Cheap insulator for sheds and other structures. Coffee grounds when mixed with a biodegradable & natural glue may be used on planks. They serve as good shields against heat evaporation in smoke houses.

  6. Painting. They serve as additives to paint to achieve certain features. If used on paintings, they result into a faded brown look.

  7. Grease remover/cleaning abrasive. Some have had success using used coffee grounds to help clean the grease off of pots and pans. Just rub the grounds onto the pans with some water and you have a great cleaner. They really help a lot in cleaning even the dirtiest dishware including the drain.

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