Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Philippine School of Business Administration vs. CA [205 SCRA 729 GR No. 84698. February 4, 1942]

Facts: Carlitos Bautista was stabbed while on the second floor premises of the schools by assailants who were not members of the schools academic community. This prompted the parents of the deceased to file a suit in the RTC of Manila for damages against PSBA and its corporate officers. 

The defendant schools (now petitioner) sought to have the suit dismissed on the ground of no cause of action and not within the scope of the provision of Art 2180 since it is an academic institution. The trial court overruled the petitioner’s contention and its decision was later affirmed by the appellate court. 

Issue: Whether the decision of the appellate court primarily anchored on the law of quasi-delicts is valid. 

Held: Although the Supreme Court agreed to the decision of the Court of Appeals to deny the petition of motion to dismiss by the PSBA, they do not agree to the premises of the appellate court’s ruling. 

Art 2180, in conjunction with Art 2176 of the civil code establishes the rule of in loco parentis, they can not be held liable to the acts of Calito’s assailants which were not students of the PSBA and because of the contractual relationship. 

The school and the students, upon registration established a contract between them, resulting in bilateral obligations. The institution of learning must provide their students with an atmosphere that promotes or assists its primary undertaking of imparting knowledge, and maintain peace and order within its premises. 

The SC dismissed the petition and the case was remanded to the trail court to determine if the school neglected its obligation to perform based on the contractual relation of them and the students. 

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