Thursday, March 01, 2012

Cordova vs. Atty. Cordova

Facts: In 1985, Atty. Cordova left his family to live with his mistress, The pair conducted themselves as husband and wife in public. Atty. Cordova failed to give his legitimate family support during this time. 

In 1986, the spouses Cordova apparently reconciled. Atty. Cordova promised to separate from his mistress. However, he would go home drunk from frequenting cabarets, to the neglect of his legitimate family. 

In 1987, Salvacion Cordova found out that her husband had another mistress, and had taken the youngest Cordova child with him. Salvacion had to go to court to get her child back, under habeas corpus. 

Notwithstanding respondent's promises to reform, he continued to live with his mistress as her husband and continued to fail to give support to his legitimate family. In 1988 Salvacion Delizo charged her husband with immorality and acts unbecoming a member of the Bar. 

Later on the Commission received a telegram message apparently from complainant, stating that complainant and respondent had been reconciled with each other. 

Issue: Will the alleged reconciliation between the spouses Cordova terminate the proceedings for disbarment? 

Held: No. The mere reconciliation between the spouses will not erase the fact that Atty. Cordova had maintained an adulterous relationship for two years, and in public no less. The obligation of members of the Bar to exhibit good moral conduct is a continuing requirement. 

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