Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Yrasuegui v. PAL, 569 SCRA 467 (2008)

Facts: Petitioner was a former international flight steward of PAL, herein respondent. Petitioner was dismissed because of his failure to adhere to the weight standards of the airline company. Petitioner claims that he was illegally dismissed.

Issue: Whether or not petitioner was discriminated against when he was dismissed.

Held: Petition denied. To make his claim more believable, petitioner invokes the equal protection clause guaranty of the Constitution. However, in the absence of governmental interference, the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution cannot be invoked. Put differently, the Bill of Rights is not meant to be invoked against acts of private individuals. Indeed, the US Supreme Court, in interpreting the 14th Amendment, which is the source of our equal protection guarantee, is consistent in saying that the equal protection erects no shield against private conduct, however discriminatory or wrongful. Private actions, no matter how egregious, cannot violate the equal protection guarantee.

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