Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Simple Analysis of Mini-Stop Convenience Store

Being a keen observer, I noticed that most branches (if not all) of Mini-Stop Convenience Stores have the following features: big space, chairs/tables, and few goods to choose from. The space might be big but small enough to accommodate a number of customers and goods. Mini means “small/little,” perfect adjective that suits any branch of Mini-Stop (as compared to its competitor). What's with the word “stop”? At times, we have to stop, even just for a little time & enjoy what we have. Inside the Mini-Stop, there are a number of unoccupied seats surrounded with few items, bright lights, opens 24/7 to cater to new friendships, interesting conversations, more time for ourselves and others & most of all, LESSER TIME TO WORLDLY STUFFS (that's why there are only few goods displayed to avoid distractions, focusing our attention more on the person in front of us)

With a little stop/pause from all our 24/7 strenuous activities,  we can build new relationships with others and improve better relationship with ourselves. <It pays to be schizophrenic, you tend to rationalize things, especially those left unnoticed by some>

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