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Sales MCQ (11-20)

11. When the goods are delivered to the buyer, the ownership thereof passes to the buyer in:

a. Sale on approval
b. Sale or return
c. Sale on trial
d. Contract to sell


12. The right of pre-emption differs from the right of redemption in that in pre-emption:

a. The action is directed against the buyer
b. The action is directed against the seller
c. The right arises from the sale
d. There can be a rescission of the original sale


13. A credit is considered to be in litigation

a. As soon as a complaint is filed by the creditor against the debtor
b. When the debtor has filed his answer to the complaint
c. When the case is scheduled for pre-trial conference between the parties
d. When the trial has started.


14. The non-payment of the price is a negative resolutory condition in:

a. Contract to sell
b. Contract of sale
c. Contract of agency to sell
d. Sale on approval


15. A contract for a piece of work is different from a contract of sale in that in a contract for a piece of work:

a. The Statute of Frauds does not apply
b. The article object of the contract is manufactured or procured in the ordinary course of business
c. There is usually a stock which is kept on hand and made available to anyone
d. If the article is not available, there is no change or modification of it when it is ordered by the customer


16. An unpaid seller may avail himself of the following remedies, except the right to:

a. Retain the goods while he is in possession of them
b. Resume possession of the goods at any time while they are in transit
c. Buy the goods at any public sale if he decides to resell them
d. Rescind the sale


17. If a movable property is sold separately to two or more vendees, ownership shall belong to the person:

a. Who in good faith first paid the purchase price in full
b. Who in good faith first recorded the sale in the Registry of Property
c. Who in good faith presents the oldest title
d. Who in good faith first took possession of the property


18. The vendor shall be liable for the death of the animal sold when the following requisites are present:

a. The disease existed at the time of sale
b. The disease is the cause of the death of the animal
c. The disease must be redhibitory
d. The animal dies within three (3)  days from the time of purchase


19. A sum of money paid, or a thing delivered upon the making of a contract for the sale of goods, to bind the bargain, the delivery and acceptance of which makes the final assent of both parties to the contract

a. Option money
b. Earnest money
c. Reservation money
d. Down payment


20. Delivery of incorporeal property may made through any of the following means, except:

a. Execution of a public document
b. Placing the titles of ownership in the possession of the vendee
c. Use by the vendee of his rights, with the debtor's consent
d. Execution of private document


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