Thursday, October 20, 2011


1. When Nurse Norma was about to administer the medications of client Lennie, the relative of Lennie told the nurse that they buy her medicines and showed the container of medications of the client. Which of the following is the most appropriate action by the nurse? 

A. Hold the nurse administration of the client’s medication and refer to the head nurse 

B. Put aside the medications she prepared and instead administer the client’s medications 

C. Tell the client that she will inform the physician about this 

D. Bring the medications of the client to the nurse’s station and prepare accordingly 


2. Rubeola is an Arabic term meaning Red, the rash appears on the skin in invasive stage prior to eruption. As a nurse, your physical examination must determine complication especially: 

A. Otitis media 

B. Bronchial pneumonia 

C. Inflammatory conjunctiva 

D. Membranous laryngitis 


3. A nurse who supports a patient and family’s need to make decisions that is right for them is practicing which of the following ethical principles? 

A. Autonomy 

B. confidentiality 

C. privacy 

D. truthfulness 


4. Revaluation and administrative process is BEST described as: 

A. a continuing process of seeing that performance meets goals and targets 

B. obtaining commitment of members to do better 

C. informing personnel how well and how much improvement has been made 

D. follow-up of activities that have been studied 


5. Disaster control should be undertaken when there are 3 or more hepatitis A cases. Which of these measures is a priority? 

A. Eliminate fecal contamination from foods 

B. Mass vaccination of uninfected individuals 

C. Health promotion and education to families and communities about the disease it’s cause and transmission. 

D. Mass administration of immunoglobulin 


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