Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flores vs. Pascasio, A.M. No. P-06-2130, June 13, 2011

Court personnel; grave misconduct. (J. Abad)

Sheriffs play an important role in the administration of justice and high standards are expected of them. Their conduct, at all times, must not only be characterized by propriety and decorum but must, at all times, be above suspicion. Part of this stringent requirement is that agents of the law should refrain from the use of abusive, offensive, scandalous, menacing or otherwise improper language. Judicial employees are expected to accord due respect, not only to their superiors, but also to others and their rights at all times. Their every act and word should be characterized by prudence, restraint, courtesy and dignity. The respondent’s arrogant behavior was a violation of these rules of conduct for judicial employees.

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