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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Do you answer texts/calls from persons not in your contact list?

My friend and I were talking a while ago. She asked me if I reply to texts of persons not in my contact list. I said, “No.” Only my parents & siblings know my digits. It's my rule not to give my number unless I give my consent. I don't want to be disturbed by a text or call.

Whenever I receive a text, I don't bother to read it, as long as it's not in my contact list. I immediately delete it. Same is true with calls not coming from my family. I don't answer them and delete them from missed calls.

Do you answer texts/calls from persons not in your contact list?

Sunday, November 20, 2016

If your place is on fire, what is one thing you'll grab before getting out of your place?

I live alone, renting a room at a ladies' dormitory. My room is beside the fire exit. If the whole dorm is on fire, the only thing that I'll grab is my bag.


1.) It has my laptop and flash drive which contains my important work files. They are my source of income.
2.) It has my card holder inside with my debit cards and government identification cards in it. I need them for my transactions and for me to survive (money).

But, if I'm at my parents' place, I have to make sure my parents and siblings are saved. I will not grab a single thing.

How about you? What is one thing you'll grab if your place is on fire?

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Happy House Hunting!

My friend abroad is moving out of his mom's house. He showed me the other day photos of the prospective house because he wanted to get my input. I told him that the place looks great and at the same time expensive. I advised him to check the terms of payments, legal documents of the house, its accessibility to public places and public transportation, and safety of the neighborhood.

Here in my country, aside from the factors I mentioned above, people ask current homeowners or landlords if the place has a strong water and if it is prone to flood.

How about in your country? What are some of the things you consider before renting or buying a real estate property?

Monday, October 10, 2016

Why do spouses still stay together when they don't love & trust each other anymore?

Facts: A (Husband) and B (Wife) have been married for more than 30 years now. For decades, they've been living under one house, but separate rooms and separate floors.Why? They can't stand each other's attitude. There's no third party involved on both sides.

All four children are already adults, the youngest is 22 and the eldest is 33. Each spouse is financially capable to survive on his/her own without the other's support because that has been their internal arrangement (no documents) since then.

Issue: Why do spouses still stay together when they don't trust & love each other anymore? (applying the instant facts)

Monday, October 03, 2016

I'd say online acquaintances

So it all started with my responses to previous discussions. Yes, I said, I'm not here for money. Likewise, I mentioned that I'm not here to gain friends. I'm here to improve my writing skills through interaction.

We do have classmates for decades, and even siblings who know our secrets and all, yet, they are not even our friends. Every now and then a client approaches me and relays his/her problems and I give advice in return but I don't consider that relationship as friendship. We encounter people who share their lives, yet, there is no friendship bond between the speaker and the listener. We interact with our colleagues at work, classmates in school, yet, it does not follow that they are our friends. We see and hear people who call or write to relationship gurus asking for advice but that does not mean they are friends.

Having mentioned those premises, I don't equate online interaction with friendship because the latter is a relationship that has deeper meaning for me, something that can't be developed in a month's time given the virtual set-up. (This is just my opinion)

Next issue.

Does that mean I don't give genuine responses since I don't consider the interaction as friendship? NO. What you see is what you get. Often, you won't like my responses. I don't care if I would be the only myLotter with a different response but you can expect it to be a genuine reply.

Now, for people who treat me as their friend. Thank you. I don't treat you as enemies. Online acquaintances, that is.

If this post of mine will lead to people blocking me or not interacting with me, I don't mind because I'm not after the earnings. Will I hate you, NO. Will I block you? NO. I don't block people.

Be it a follower or not, I will respond to your discussions as long as I have something to say. In fact, I even respond to discussions of people whom I reported for plagiarism. Do I expect you to respond to my discussions? NO. I won't take that against you. I interact with almost every mylotter without expecting anything in return. I know some people are here for the bonus and the best help I could give is to stay active and respond to their discussions. This is how I interact with online acquaintances.

Pardon the lengthy post.

I rest my case.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My first paycheck

My first job was with ING. When I received my first salary, I was so excited since it was my first time to hold a check addressed to me.

Since I can't encash my first paycheck then given the time to clear the check, I just opened a bank account using the same check. When the check was cleared and it's already reflected in that bank account, I withdrew some and paid my rent.

What did you do with your first paycheck?

Monday, September 05, 2016

Would you go for a prenup?

I mentioned in my previous post that I used to be ill when I was still studying, something that could drain anyone's financial resources.

Here in my country, prenup or complete separation of property denotes that a spouse will have a sole  and  exclusive ownership to properties held at present and during marriage. For family expenses, both spouses will proportionately answer for it.

I'm not rich. But, I want to protect myself against any uncertainties that may happen in case I'll get married and it won't work out.

I would love to read your thoughts on this matter. I know all of us here have different approaches and laws when it comes to marriage and contracts. Feel free to respond.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Did I hurt your feelings?

I've known you to be smart, a genius at that. I don't know why you arrived at an erroneous conclusion that includes you. I may be close minded in some areas, but not on that particular issue. And, not on something that particularly involves you.

I'm pretty sure you read it but you chose not to reply.

I think you deleted it. I know you don't want to commit mistakes. If you were humiliated by my statements, they were not deliberately done. I would have chosen to ignore it but you provoked me by mentioning my name and that conclusion of yours. I never imagined that one day I would be in disagreement with you.

Notwithstanding what happened earlier, I still see perfection, just like what I told you before. You put up a good fight earlier.

Monday, August 15, 2016

How do I make the most out of my monthly salary (Part 1)


I hear a number of persons who say that they are not able to save anything out of their salary. I wonder why, especially for single people who only spend money for themselves.

I am single. No one depends on me financially. Basically, my 15th and 30th money are just for myself. So how do I budget and spend it in such a way that I still get to save something every month? Here are the things I have been doing since I started working.
  1. I do not have a credit card and I do not intend to apply for one in the future. I do not want to incur debts. Period.
  2. I do not own a car. I live in a country that is known for its traffic-prone and flood-prone cities. Also, we need to pay for parking spaces depending on the number of hours your car will be parked in a certain location. Same goes true in buildings with parking spaces. Not to mention, the rising price of diesel or gasoline. Taking all these into consideration, it would be practical to just take the public transportation. It will save one's time and money.
  3. I only spend on needs. I spend  my money on food, toiletries and rent for my place. My rent is inclusive of water and electricity. I don't buy new clothes or shoes. I buy them if the need arises and usually, I purchase those things from thrift stores.  If there's no need to buy one, I use them for 3-5 years.
  4. I don't buy the latest gadgets. I only have one locally made  phone which I bought in 2013 for $10. It is only intended for texting and call. It does not have sophisticated features.
  5. Also, unlike other ladies who spend money for their nails and hair, or anything that will make them look good, I don't spend money for the sake of beauty.


Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Eat before you make your grocery list

The month had just started. After paying my rent, my friend and I sat down and we started talking about our expenses for the month of March. She lives on her own, and so do I. As we were about to draft our grocery list for the week, she noticed that I ate first.

It has been my practice to eat first before doing my grocery list. This is my way to include only things or food that I need for the week. Why? If we are starving, we tend to include food that we want on our list (but we don't necessarily need) and often than not, they go beyond our budget.

Do you also do the same? How do you control your weekly or monthly expenses?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

How do you waste money?

I can't cook. In order to survive, I buy homemade meals at establishments nearby. Here in my country, we pay for the styrofoam, spoon and fork for take out meals in some establishments. I always pay them (Styro, spoon and fork), though I have the option not to buy the plastic utensils since I have spoon/fork at my place anyway. If I could have elected not to include plastic utensils for every meal that I buy, I could have saved some money out of it. Anyway, I consider that waste of money.

Though I buy my food outside, I only spend $1.50 for all of my cheap homemade meals in a day. I live in a ladies' dormitory & we are not allowed to cook that's why I buy my food outside.